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More Than Just A Smile




You have worked hard to achieve your beautiful smile and functional bite, but you are not finished yet!  Retainers must be worn to safeguard against tooth movement. Retainer wear is very important so please follow instructions carefully:

“Remember retainer wear is a lifelong endeavor”

  1. Wear your retainers every NIGHT, unless you have been told otherwise.  Please remember wearing retainers is a life long commitment.
  2. If your retainer is removable, clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste when cleaning your teeth. Every two weeks you can use a denture cleaner (Efferdent or Polident) soak your retainer in this for about 10 minutes never use hot water on your retainer because it will distort your retainer and then it won’t fit properly.
  3. Do not use mouthwash with alcohol, bleach or any other chemical to clean your retainers.
  4. Remember, if your retainer is not in your mouth it should be in its case.
  5. Heat will distort your retainers:   
  • A hot clothes dryer
  • A car especially during the summer
  1. Keep the retainer and case away from cats and dogs because they will destroy your retainers!
  2. Permanent retainers are left in for a minimum of 2 years and may be left in Indefinitely if cared for properly. 


“If retainers are lost or damaged, call us immediately!”

Retainer appointments are normally scheduled several months apart, depending on your specific needs.  While slight changes in alignment and bite are to be expected

as the teeth settle. However, excessive changes due to poor retainer wear may require braces again to realign the teeth. 

Retainer motto:  “If it is sore wear it more!”